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Applying to college is an important decision and we make the process easy. Our team will be there to support you with a personalized suite of services every step of the way, from application to graduation and beyond.

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Quick tips before starting the application:

  • The application takes about 30 minutes to complete. You can save your progress and return at any time.

  • Make the process quicker by having these items ready:

  • High school and any previous college information, including courses taken, grades received, GPA, etc. A copy of your unofficial transcript(s) will cover all of this.

  • Your social security number, if you have one.

At ASU, we measure ourselves by whom we include and how they succeed. In fact, it’s in our charter. If you’re concerned about your current GPA, you can still earn your way into ASU through Earned Admission.

Through this pathway, you can demonstrate your ability to succeed at ASU by completing a series of online courses with a 2.75 GPA or higher. Keep in mind that some degrees may have higher admission requirements and you still need to meet all other admission criteria (i.e. have a high school diploma or GED, etc.). If Earned Admission is right for you, an ASU team member will reach out with more details after you’ve applied. If you apply and are deemed not yet eligible due to your GPA, an ASU team member will reach out to you to explain this option.

Step-by-step application guide

The undergraduate application is composed of the six sections below

overview of steps
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My information

Legal name

It’s important that you report your legal name as it appears on your birth certificate or social security card so we can match your application to your transcripts.

Former name

If you’ve legally changed your name, be sure to include all former names you’ve had. This will help to connect any of your previous degrees or transcripts to your ASU application.

Supplemental information

You may qualify for the qualified tuition reduction program if you are an employee of ASU or an ASU affiliate, or a dependent or spouse of such employee. This does not have any influence on your admission to ASU.

Education benefit or scholarship

You may qualify for a scholarship or tuition benefit if you’re employed with Starbucks, Uber, Aramark, state or local government, or another company that has an education partnership with ASU. This does not have any influence on your admission to ASU.

Parent or legal guardian information

You’re considered a dependent if you’re under the age of 18. Please provide your parent or legal guardian information.

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My schools

Current or most recent high school

Proof of previous high school transcripts or GED is required for your college application. By providing your school information, we can match your transcripts to your application.

Note: Transfer applicants with 24 or more transferable semester credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university, and who will be 22 or older by the start of the requested semester of admission, will not be required to submit a high school transcript for admission.
Learn more about our transfer policy.

Colleges and universities

We need to understand your full academic record and require you to list all colleges or universities you have attended on your application. Failing to do so may result in denial of admission for failure to submit accurate information.

ASU reserves the right to verify your prior enrollment. Failure to list a prior college/university on your application may result in denial of admission for failure to submit accurate information.

Previous college eligibility

If you’ve ever been disciplined for conduct- or academic-related issues at a previous college or university, you may have been told not to return. In that case, answer “no” and explain the circumstances in the fields below. Otherwise, answer “yes” that you are allowed to return if desired.

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My grades

Self reporting

To speed up the admission process for students graduating high school and entering ASU (first-year students), you have the option to self report your high school grades for the courses that are required to be admitted to ASU.

Keep in mind that the grades you report must be accurate. We recommend you use a copy of your high school transcripts to help you complete this section. This option is only for first-year students who are graduating high school and applying to ASU. Transfer students don’t have the option to self report.

Simply click “Yes, I would like to accurately report my grades.” There will be a drop-down menu where you’ll enter your overall academics and, most importantly, required high school courses.

  • Enter all your courses and grades as they appear on your official transcript.
  • For each academic year 9 – 12, you’ll enter all courses and grades individually for English, math, science, social science, language, fine arts, electives, etc.
  • Select from a list of course names or write the course in the course title section.
  • Choose whether this course was taken in a semester, trimester, quarter or full year.
  • Enter the level of the course. You can choose from a normal high school course, an honors course, an advanced placement course or an International Baccalaureate course.
  • Enter your course grade in the grade section.
  • Click on “Add course” and repeat the process until all courses are added.
Play residency video



Next, we’ll ask a few questions to determine if you’re an Arizona resident. The length of this section depends on some of your answers.

Keep in mind that your residency determines whether you’ll pay in-state or out-of-state tuition to attend ASU. This information will be based on various factors and documentation.

Play choose a major video


Choose a major

Choose a major that best suits your interests and future career aspirations. You always have the option to change your major later on.

ASU Online students will only be able to enroll in online courses and will not be able to enroll in in-person classes on campus.

Play review and submit video


Review and submit

That’s it! Time to double check to make sure everything looks right before submitting. Once you submit your application, it is important that you activate your ASURITE and request your transcripts.

Don't forget to activate My ASU

You will receive an email from ASU with the subject line "ASU Account Activation" after submitting your application. This email make take 2-3 days to be generated.

This email will contain a link to activate your ASURITE User ID. Every person logging into ASU is assigned an ASURITE User ID. This ID is unique and is yours to use as long as you’re associated with ASU and follow the appropriate policies and guidelines. Be sure to save your password and your ASURITE User ID as you’ll need to use this to check on the status of your application.

Students also use My ASU to track their enrollment, access their courses, track their scholarships and financial aid, and many more important tasks.

You can pay the ASU application fee using a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or eCheck at the time you submit your application or when you log in to My ASU. Or you can mail a check or money order to Admission Services (payable to Arizona State University) at the address below. Application fees are nonrefundable.

Admission Services Applicant Processing
Arizona State University
PO Box 871004
Tempe, AZ 85287-1004

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